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Illustration commissioned by the UIB (University of the Balearic Islands). This year instead
 of diplomas they gave a limited signed and numbered edition of offset prints of this image.

 There's a video interview about it here.

The Dissident Printrun

Series of prints I did last spring in the Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró in my hometown, Palma.

Portrait of Americah

Exodus (the 20 dollar miracle)

After the end 1

After the end 2

The Succession Party

Sam Says Enjoy Life comics

A series of comics I got comissioned to do for the project my friend Nathalie Archer is pursuing.

Exodus (The 20 Dollar Miracle)

Tras el fin, los disidentes escapan de Edén valiéndose una atracción de feria, la máquina de hacer milagros.

After the end, the dissidents escape Eden trough a miracle-making fairground ride.


Waiting for a train in the cold outskirts of Chicago
  with my friends Pat and Nate


Me encargaron pintar un mural en una oficina muy moderna y este fue el resultado.
I got comissioned to paint a mural inside an office and this is what came out.

The Succession Party

Work in Progress

Drink Milk

Ohne Farbe noch...


The Beehive Design Collective's Fair Booth
Common Ground fair, Unity; Maine.


Eat Shit

Anal Liberation Front (USA edition)


    Sept. 2nd    Providence
 Sept. 6th     New York
      Sept. 10th    Philadelphia
 Sept. 12th    Baltimore

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